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A Victorian Scottish silver and agate bracelet, c.1880

£445.00 Approx $595.72, €534.86

Code: 6410-571


H: 1cm (0.4")L: 22cm (8.7")Di: 7cm (2.8")

A stunning Victorian barrel agate and silver bracelet, mdae in Scotland around 1880. As with the greater majority of Scottish agate jewellery it is not hallmarked but has tested as silver. The six hexagonal barrels are a mixture of moss agates and cornelian stones. All are mounted with silver engraved ends and there is a safety chain. The padlock has a moss agate on one side and has engraved swirls on the other side. Overall the bracelet is in excellent condition.

WEIGHT; 43grams or 1.4ozst.